PLAYMOBIL® 9277 Small animal board - NEW 2018 - S&H FREE WORLDWIDE

PLAYMOBIL® 9277 Small animal board - NEW 2018 - S&H FREE WORLDWIDE

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Interior with hamster cage. Outdoor enclosure with hiding place for guinea pigs and rabbits. Dimensions: 33 x 13 x 12 cm (fence flexible) (LxDxH).
- Interior and exterior enclosures are connected by a swinging door flap.
- The shelf on the wall provides space for the bucket, shovel and rake.
- The hamster is placed on the wheel and thus always remains independent of the movement of the wheel fixed in this position.
- Outside, a large tree trunk provides shade and hiding places for the rodents.
- On the included label sheet nine animal paws are shown, with which the walls or the roof of the building can be decorated arbitrarily.
- The wheelbarrow with which the food can be transported is only suitable for children.


Actually only availabe in Germany and in a few other countries in Europe -
But we ship worldwide for free !!!

The item comes in the original unopened box!

Please note for safety reason:

It´s recommended for children 4 ages and up!

Choking Hazard - The product may contain small parts

Absolutely brand new item in original box!



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