How to order at station500 toys and more - It´s easy!

1. To purchase one or more items just put the item(s) with the button "add to cart" into the shopping basket. To correct the basket, just click on the trashcan beside the item you would like to remove from the cart.

If you have finished, just click on the "Check out" button.

2. Now you see the One-Step-Checkout page. All details to complete the order are on one site, you only have to scroll down.

On top of the One-Step-Checkout are listed the item(s) you have put into the basket, with the single prices, shipping cost and the total amount.

If you have not already registered, you have now to complete the registration process with your address details.

If you have already registered and you are logged in, than you see your registered billing address, and you can also choose a different delivery address.

Below the address details, there are the "Delivery Methods".

You see the carrier we use and your shipping cost.

To proceed with your order you have to accept the terms of service, the right of revocation and the Privacy Policy by making a hook in the small box under der words "Terms of service".

You can read these details by clicking on the word "read".

After the delivery method you have the "payment method" section.

Just click on the box with the PayPal logo and you will come to the "Order Summary".

3. This "Order Summary" page shows the complete total of your order and the link to PayPal. Just click on the green button "I confirm my order" and you will be linked to the secure PayPal site, to log into your PayPal account and to complete the payment.

After your successful payment you will get an order confirmation by email with the invoice included. Your item will be shipped than usually within the next two business days.





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