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Marklin HO Toy Train
Since their debut in 1935, Märklin's H0 scale trains have been a popular choice for both children and adults. Their rugged construction and convenient 1:87 scale make them just right for a child's first electric train. The operating features and excellent detailing of the more advanced locomotives and cars make Märklin H0 trains equally attractive to teenagers and adults.

Like Z gauge, all Märklin H0 locomotives have diecast metal frames and metal wheels and many of them have all-metal bodies. The freight and passenger cars have metal wheels and a low center of gravity to prevent derailments; there are also a number of passenger cars with all-metal bodies. Paint schemes, lettering and details are neat, sharp and clean.

Märklin's H0 unique third-rail track system has earned a reputation for dependable, trouble-free service. Tiny stud contacts located in the center of the ties carry the electrical current to the train's locomotive and are almost invisible to the eye. This third "rail" eliminates polarity problems in wiring, and ensures reliable electrical pickup from the track to the locomotive.

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