NOCH 88281 Z Scale Briefcase Layout "TESSIN"

NOCH 88281 Z Scale Briefcase Layout "TESSIN"

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NOCH 88281 Z Scale Briefcase Layout "TESSIN" with Rokuhan tracks.

The company NOCH is no loonger offering the briefcases with the Marklin Z tracks. They are using now the Rokuhan tracks. As fully compatible track system for the rolling stock of Marklin Z. The correct picture with the Rokuhan tracks will be added quite soon.

The "Tessin" utilizes two integrated 9 volt battery holders and throttle controllers. The high quality throttles allow you to control the trains at scale speeds and it is very efficient. We recommend using wagons and locomotives less than 8,5 cm in length, because of the tight radius used on the layout. In addition, the locomotive should be a 4-axle or 2 truck (Bo Bo) version. The trains are not included with the briefcase layout.
Delivery form: Finished terrain board from hard foam mounted in a briefcase - Ready to run - Pre-mounted structures - Built-in throttles and battery holders - Includes landscaping - Pre-installed adapter socket - Mounted in aluminium briefcase, 78 x 54 cm, approx. 15.5 cm high



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